About Us

We are ready to bring a safer and smarter security systems to your community.

Who We Are

AB Global Sdn Bhd is a Private Limited Company incorporated in August 2000. Our company was established with the intention of being the supplier of choice to the local security systems market. Through the years, it has been acknowledged by its existing clients as one of the leading condo management solution company in Malaysia.

We emphasize on providing the best security systems support service with our teams of professional and well-experienced technicians. We endeavour  to equip our valued clients with the latest technology in security embracing new Artificial Intelligent and Smart solutions. Without a doubt, AI Condo brings you a smarter and safer home to go back to…

why us

Because we care. And we understand your needs and are mindful of your budget limitations. Top notch security is what you need, Meeting that requirement with affordable solutions is our goal. We also believe  that excellent service and support is the key driving factor towards this goal.  We try harder. 

our mission

At AI Condo, we believe there is a better way to keep your community safe and secured. We want to provide a more valuable, and less invasive way where our customers are earned rather than bought. We are obsessively passionate about our job, and our mission is to make our advanced solutions available to as many people as possible. Despite all the challenges we have been facing throughout the years, we still want to solve the biggest problem in most of our living communities. Today, AI Condo proudly introduces the most exclusive solution to the security systems market…

Our Projects

security systems Made Affordable.

Welcome to enter our world of affordable solutions & products!

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