Access Control has taken on a whole new meaning with the merging of IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Today’s urban communities have no physical boundaries; people can access airport gates with just their biometric metadata. Access Cards play increasing smaller roles till their demise altogether. Physical locks will stay in the foreseeable future but the way to manage access will move from simple cards and tags to biometrics. Our control systems are functional today but ready for the future.

What is access control system?

The concept of access control system

The term access control (AC) refers to the system of selective restriction of access to certain information or place, to put it simply, it is what allows premises to choose who is authorized to enter when they are permitted entry, and even which zones they are allowed to visit. Dependent on the number of authorized persons, and the number of zones, there are a wide variety of options available to suit any set of security requirements. 

In general, an access control system is a set of devices that consists of RFID readers, EM (i.e. electromagnetic) locks, a controller, and management software. Its purpose is to limit access to people who are authorized to enter an organization. It uses RFID readers that detect the unique identification numbers provided by the authenticated credentials. A credential could be an RFID card or RFID tag, a password, or their biometrics (i.e. face or fingerprint), and the authenticated credentials are used to identify if they are the right person to access the premises. 

Besides that, an access control system also includes access control management software that determines who can enter, when and what door they can use thereby giving a complete protection ensuring security with the system. Overall, the principle is – The controller releases the particular EM lock only when the right ID number is detected.


Figure: The topology of an IP-Based Access Control System

Our Access Control Solution

The IP-Based access control system

IP-based access control system has become essential for both discretionary and mandatory access control systems with its efficacy and numerous beneficial features. Most importantly, this type of access control has also become fairly easy to implement in most of the workplaces due to the universality of internet connection and IT-based industries.

In this reason, we are going to share why you should choose our access control solution in a few aspects of IP-based access control system along with its irrefutable benefits. Still not sure if our solution is right for you? Don’t be shy – Talk to us, we’d love to provide useful advice. Our commitment is to provide a best-fit solution that tailored to our customers’ needs and budget.

Ease of installation

One of the advantages using this system is its simplicity. In this system, the existing network is fully utilized by the access controllers to ensure the security of a certain restricted area. As a result, installing additional communication lines becomes irrelevant making the installation of this system much simpler and easier.


This access control system offers immense flexibility as there is no limitations regarding the number of controllers. You can install multiple controllers and expand up to 200 separate controllers within a single system. This flexibility is not only about time saving, but also cost saving in terms of installation.

accuracy & efficiency

The access control system is capable of sending the verifiable information to the main control unit and take decisions accordingly very quickly. Also, this system is capable of keeping records in an organized manner so that issues like attendance or proper identity can be easily resolved.


In case of some owners don't want to change their old equipment such as their readers and cards, or some might think their equipment is still new and known-good to be replaced. No sweat, most RFID readers in the market using Wiegand 26/34 output are well compatible with our access controller. Without having to change the existing equipment, you can still upgrade your access control system with a peace of mind!

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