Access Control has taken on a whole new meaning with the merging of IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Today’s urban communities have no physical boundaries; people can access airport gates with just their biometric metadata. Access Cards play increasing smaller roles till their demise altogether. Physical locks will stay in the foreseeable future but the way to manage access will move from simple cards and tags to biometrics. Our control systems are functional today but ready for the future.

What is access control system?

The concept of access control system

Access control is basically a system that restricts access to those authorized to enter.  Such restrictions can work on individual doors, elevators,  turnstiles, barrier gates, essentially any electrically operated locking device. 

Restrictions can also be set over dates and times where access is granted. Control can be programmed from a single door to an entire building.  To achieve these capabilities, our solutions are modular and vastly networkable.

In general, an access control IDs a person using RFID cards and tags, or biometrics identification devices like fingerprint or face recognition scanners. All control & ID sub-systems are governed and managed by a centralized management software.  

Figure: The topology of an IP-Based Access Control System

Our Access Control Solution

The IP-Based access control system

Our solutions are all IP-bassed. IP-type controllers make them far more versatile and scalable. Compared to the old data-cabled versions with very real distance limitations, IP-type access control works practically anywhere that you have networking and internet.

Whatever your environment, talk to us for a system that suits your budget and your needs. 

Ease of installation

A huge advantage of an IP based system is that it can simply join an existing networki. Therefore, establishing the communication network is as simple as plugging in to any existing network switch.


This access control system offers immense flexibility as it is modular and scalable. In just one IP range you can string together up to 254 access controllers. Very few administrative centers will want to control more than this number on 1 PC..


Our system is based on the universal Wiegand communication format. Therefore you can attach most 3rd party front end ID capture devices and they will communicate and work with our controllers.

Our Products

one door access controller

two door access controller

four door access controller

EM long range reader

UHF Medium Range Reader

UHF Long Range Reader

active bluetooth long range reader

active bluetooth transponder

EM proximity reader

Dual-frequency combi card

dual-frequency combi card

UHF Card

EM Long Range card

EM clamshell card

UHF label sticker

UHF Windshield Sticker
(fat antenna)

UHF Windshield sticker
(Thin Antenna)

EM long range keychain tag

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