UHF long range reader

Read Distance Up To 100 CM

Product Benefits

The AI Condo Parking & Vehicle Access Management System provides a hands free automated access control solution. This system generally include physical barrier, networked controller, RFID reader, RFID card (i.e. tag) and management software, which can be also integrated with our other solutions such as CCTV, alarm, guard tour and time attendance system, thereby providing a total security system. 

The CY-EM100 is an EM long range reader and it is able to read passive EM long range tags of up to 100cm. It supports passive standard sized cards which are also compatible with most controllers in the market. This is a great solution for work locations or community sites that require a decent security at an affordable price

hassle free

The RFID reader is able to communicate securely at impressive distances, therefore offering the drivers and users a much easier way to read their RFID tags and gain entry.

high performance

RFID technology offers a great ability in barrier automation which can help easing the daily tasks of security guards and improving the traffic flow.

long service life

Through intelligent design , the reader experiences the minimum amount of downtime and least maintenance thereby allowing the system continues to function safely and efficiently.


Power Supply


Supported protocol

supported card format

Operating Frequency

operating Temperature

Communication Interface

Read Distance


DC 12 V


EM format

long-range EM card (CY-LREM)

125 KHz

10°C ~ 70°C

RS-232/485, Wiegand-26/34

70 ~ 100 CM

230 x 230 x 35 MM

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