UHF Card

Pre-Printed With Sequential Serial Number

Product Features

In general, the UHF card operates at a higher frequency range than the standard proximity card which both of them are designed for different applications. The UHF card is often readable over distances while the proximity card is designed to read within a short range only. Therefore, the UHF card is best suited for parking gate entry, toll access and remote tracking, whereas the proximity card is commonly used for NFC payment system, door entry and inventory management.

Our UHF card is in ISO standard – CR80 that using PVC material and inlaid with the UHF chip – Alien H3 9662 model. They are all pre-printed with 6-digit sequential serial numbers which enable the users to manage a vast amount of cards in a much easier way. 

In addition, you can choose to combine the UHF chip with the proximity chip (Anti-Clone, Mifare or EM) within a single card. The dual-frequency combi cards are ideally suited to condominiums, apartments and offices. With such combination, the residents and officers are now allowed to simultaneously access the car parks, entry doors and elevators by just using one card. Simpler, easier and much more convenient!

long read distance

fast data transfer rate

contactless transmission

sequential serial number

customizable printing

no battery required


Frequency Band

Operating Frequency

Operating Temperature

Chip & Inlay

Adaptation Speed

supported Reader

Read distance

Working Mode

Transmission Mode

Data Retention

Shell Material




Custom logo printing

dual-frequency combi

card size



Ultra-high frequency (UHF)

919 ~ 923 MHz

-10°C ~ 70°C

UHF – alien h3 9662

60 KM/H

UHF Reader

3 ~ 10 M

Read & write

Passive (battery-free)

> 10 yrs




Offset printing

available upon request

Available (Optional)


85.6 x 54 x 0.84 MM

6 G

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