dynamic facial recognition terminal

AI-Empowered Time Attendance & Access Control System

With Contactless Infrared Wrist Temperature Scanner

Product Features

Our dynamic facial recognition terminal is a high-performance time attendance system that adopts deep learning algorithm and helps to recognize faces rapidly at a dependable accuracy rate. Whether there is a “buddy punching” or time theft, you can now prevent it altogether. In addition, the time attendance system can easily be integrated with other applications such as door access control and external alarm system. 

Another key benefit of the time attendance system is the ability to generate report at just the touch of a button. It can help you to track, record and manage your employees’ attendance efficiently thereby leading to a more productive and happy workplace for all involved. This is a great solution for small businesses, offices, schools, hospitals and other secured areas.

5" touch screen lcd

dynamic face recognition

infrared thermal scan

Cloud access

2 mp camera lens

led & IR fill light

audible voice prompt

support usb & wi-fi


power supply

identification mode

identification display

camera resolution


screen resolution

CPU processor





communication interface


Cloud Access (optional)

Operating temperature

infrared temperature scan

temperature detection range

temperature scan accuracy

temperature scan inaccuracy

face recognition time

face recognition mode

face recognition distance

Infrared detection distance

operating system

system language

user iD capacity

face log capacity

storage capacity

intelligent function

Built-in alarm




package inclusion

Peripherals (optional)

DC 12 V

Face Recognition, Password

ID & user name

HD 2 MP, infrared 1 MP

5″ touch screen LED

854 * 480

4 core 1.2 GHz


32 GB eMMC

≤ 0.1 %

≤ 0.001 %

TCP/IP, RS-232/485, WG-26/34, USB



-20°C ~ 60°C

support wrist temperature scan

0°C ~ 45°C

min. unit value 0.1°C

0.2 ~ 0.3 °C

< 1 sec

1 : 1 , 1 : N

0.5 ~ 3 M

0.5 ~ 1.5 M


english, chinese

3,000 users

3,000 logs

1,000,000 records

infrared live movement detection

Siren with LED

black + silver

154 x 152 x 22 MM

approx. 6 KG

metal bracket, charger, cable

Stand, alarm, exit switch, etc.

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